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Beginner with V570 need help with project/data exchange/SD/recipes

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Hello all, I am starting new project with V570 and I am pretty new with this controller, so maybe someone could help me to start it? :)

I have project with recipe control. So first of all i need information about it, then i will be using SD card for choosing, saving, loading recipes so it would be pretty nice to have a lot information for that too and last thing is data exchange. 

Please help me to start, very thanks to all :)

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If you are comfortable with ladder logic programming already, I would start by watching these three videos:


1. Data Tables: http://unitronics.com/support/webinars/data-tables-part-1

2. SD Card: http://unitronics.com/support/webinars/sd-card

3. Communications: http://unitronics.com/support/webinars/communication-and-os


Please note we have plenty more tutorials to help you with you project at www.unitronics.com/webinars


Also, we have project example applications already built, which is included with VisiLogic.  Navigate to the "Help" tab, then select the "Examples..." option.  In the pop-up window, enter the "Version 900" folder, then the "Project Examples".  Here you will find all of the folders for communications, SD card examples, Data table examples, and much more.


In order to help further with your "data exchange" portion, we would have to know more about what you trying to communicate with, what you are exchanging data with or logging to.


Let us know if this helps!

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