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Problem with counting values in M91 controller

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First of all hello,


I'm new user of M91-2-T1 controller and my first is to make graphic panel which will show the amount of completed details (in my case bus seats) and the plan of details which should be made. Everything works okey besides one thing: after switching power off to the controller and swtiching it on again it always adds one number of completed detail on the screen. It shouldn't works like thtat - could you suggest me what should I change to make it work properly? I attach my program. Thank you in advance for any help provided :)


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Is the counter that you are referring to MI 102 in net #26?


This condition is triggered each time Input 4 is turned on. Upon power up if Input 4 is already on, then it will trigger the logic in net 26. Is there a way to ensure that Input 4 is not currently active when power is cycled?


If not you could also implement another bit used to allow the counter to run. This could be disabled before cycling power on the machine. If the operator does not set this bit, then the counter will not operate. This way you will not have any unauthorized counts within the machine.

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