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You can create a Unidowloader file so you can give it to your client and then he may dowload it to the PLC.


To create the Unidowloader file please follow this steps.

  1. Open the application you will like to download.
  2. Go to Project menu and select "Create project files"
  3. Go to the second tab "Downloader file" and click on create file
  4. When ask, save the file where you wish. For example the desktop
  5. Go to the Tools menu of VisiLogic and select UniDownload designer.
  6. On application select the file you just created.
  7. In after download select PLC reset.
  8. Click on make file and save it to where you wish. This is the file you will use with UniDonwloader.
  9. Open UniDownloader and open the file.
  10. configure communications settings accordingly
  11. Connect to PORT1 in your PLC, Press the run button and follow instructions

If you or your cleint do not have UniDowloader you can download it, FREE of Charge from Unilogic website.


Another option, that will requiere SD card, is to create a clone file. -please make sure you add a password-

You can then create a clone file in the project dropdown menu.

This will lead you to the Create Project File menu

Here you can choose to create a file with the OS of only the Visilogic application. Please choose the option with OS *.cxx file.

then copy this file to the system folder on the SD card.

On the PLC you need to go to info mode  go to the SD menu and select the option to upload the files from the SD to the PLC.


You can also create a clone file directly from the PLC to the SD card via info mode SD menu.

For this you will need to SD password Fb on the logic to be able to do this.


Hope this information helps.








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