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2-V570 Modbus RTU w/ RF Radios

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I am trying to get a V570 (Master) to connect to another V570 (Slave) and read a single Memory Integer using Modbus RTU protocol. They will be installed a couple of miles apart and I have line of site so trying to get a couple of RF Radios to achieve the communication between the two. We're using a couple of XStream-PKG by Digi RS232/RS485 RF Radios. I'm currently trying RS232 and getting nothing. A direct cable connection using the cables and connectors in the setup results in communication. I can get the RF Radios to link up using software by Digi. When mimic the connection like in the field I get nothing. I've tried both 19200 and 9600 Baud Rate. Any one with experience with these setups? Would it be better to use RS485 for this? I assume on the Master side TX of V570 matches up directly with TX of RF Radio. On the Slave side it crosses over after exiting the RF Radio?

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