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Five V- 350 RS- 485 network

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What should I know if I want to build in addition to the five v-350 plc-s to rs 485 network.Please correct me if enything is wrong.

1.Need change the positions of the jumpers inside plc-s.First and last plc-s I need to change both termination jumpers OFF to ON and other plc-s (2,3,4) stays OFF. All plc-s network option both jumpers I need move to 485.

2.Need to configured FB-s. Unit ID and com port init.

3.Can I need the specific MJ-10-22-CS66 connectors to the plc-s.ports?

4.Can I use cat 5e (4 twisted pairs) for network wiring max 100m.?

And now main question.My first plc is connected by progcable to PC. There is 4 wires pressed in RJ 2,3,4,5 pin. Can I make new 6 pin RJ 11 plug because the 1 and 6 pins goes out to the second plc port for RS 485 network signal? Is that way possible to watch all five plc-s.in remote operator program?


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Yes you need items 1 and 2  in addition you need to put a scan-EX block in all 5 ladders to put all of the PLCs into listen mode for a standard Modbus conversation.


On your cabling you can use the CAT5E cable and make your own RJ12 connector ends to series connect all of the units.  RJ11 connectors are six position connectors but do not have conductors on the two end slots necessarily (just like the program cables that come with the Unitronics PLCs that you can not use)  so get RJ12 connectors.  They are the same physical size.


If each PLC is to be viewed you must name each of the PLCs (5 different names for 5 PLCs).  The V350 standard communications port is not an isolated 485 port you may need to install 5 isolated com ports (V100-17-RS4X) in port 2 in each of the 5 V350 units if you have noise issues you can't live with.  (if you do buy the isolated communications cards they come with one RJ12 connector pre made with a very short crimped end lead .5 Inches- 1inch in length).




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