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Fill MB Vector issue

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Hi all

I have made a few projects now on the Jazz units and really like them, now I am trying some more adventurous stuff

So I made a program to activate a certain number of MBs based on number of pumps required but the fill vector doesn't appear to be working.

I have attached the program I have made so far

I am wondering if its me or a problem in the Jazz


Your help will be appreciated


Fill Vector.U90

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Hi Shane

Thanks for taking the time to reply but now I am really confused, :wacko:

in the help information it said SI141 was to set the start of the vector now you are saying to use a set coil on SB141 instead

Could you possibly write out the fill MB vector logic so I can learn from it?


The way I was thinking and hoping it work from the beginning and reading the help info

SI141 1st MB to use

SI142 length of vector(number of MB to activate) Set by value MI20

SI143 Value to store (a 1 to set MB to on)

SI140 function #36 MB vector fill

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