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I have a project were I am using an Enfora GPRS modem to make IP calls back to a web connected machine. This works very well and I have set it up to receive text messages via GSM. I want to use the received text to trigger a call back on GPRS to an IP specified in the text. I have found the function to convert the IP to a text but not text to IP. Is there one? If not how is the decimal storage of an IP formatted so I can do via math / string functions?

Thanks in advance


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The model is a V570-57-T20B-J with a V200-18-E1B snap in module.

I have an Enfora modem connected to Port 2 and the code for GPRS call back to my fixed IP is working perfectly and the SMS receive is fine. I just want to specify the IP address of the call from the content of the SMS text.

The ip address is stored as a decimal in the FB so I need to convert the received text to the correct decimal value to put into the call FB.


Best Regards


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