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Export/import excel bug

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When you export a data table to excel with only columns of type string-ascii, you can't import it anymore. I tried to export and import directly without opening the file, but it wouldn't do so.


Adding a bit or int column solves the problem, but i'm working with a data table that contains only a single string column. 

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The main problem with rows that contains only text is that the import takes all the rows up until the first empty row. 

Since empty text is a valid text, but still considered as no content (by excel), then excel gives a wrong rows count, which causes UniLogic to fail on the row count check.

The UniStream data converters suite gives you the option to select how much rows to import from the excel and convert to udtf file. (due to the reason above).



I've re-opened the bug of this issue, so it will be fixed in UniLogic.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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OK, Fixed.

On next version, when you import a table from Excel, if the struct contains only strings, then UniLogic will consider empty rows as data.

Now if your table has 10 rows and the Excel file has 2 rows of data, then UniLogic will import 10 rows, where the last 8 rows are empty.

If the Excel file contains for example 12 rows of data, then it will only take the first 10.


When the struct contains any non-string members , then UniLogic will take the num of non-empty rows.

If for example, the excel has 2 rows of data (and the data table has 10), then only the first 2 rows will be overwritten.

If the excel file has 12 rows of data, then only the first 10 rows will be taken.



If you are converting an excel file to UDTF, then UniLogic would detect if the struct contains only string members, and if so, it will open a dialog for asking how many rows to convert to udtf.

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