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use for a long time Vsion 120 and recently Vision 130. For the current application I need PID controller. The controller must have a '' manual '' and '' auto'' mode. I used auto-tune PID, and it works, but when the ''manual' mode switch to 'auto' on my CV to assume a value which was not in manual mode, you can not allow. Do you have an example of some of these applications, or how else am I to solve the problem. Otherwise it is a continuous regulation of pressure on the oil system? (control valve)  Thank you in advance for your help!!

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What is the CV value changing to when put in manual mode, and what value were you expecting? You will need 2 configuration loops, one for the auto-tuned values, and one for the manual mode values. How are you switching from one to the other? Also, what values do you have set up within the manual mode?


Does the loop run or does it give an error status message?


There are several PID example programs that can be found in the VisiLogic help file under Help/ Examples/ Version 900/ Project Examples/ PID.

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Maybe I'm not good expressed. Under the CV I thought PID CV. (Control Value). I saw an example of "Bumples PID", so I needed something. I made a loop in manual mode, but when I switch on (button switching manual / auto) auto-tune PID(enable PID) control continues on with some of its value, not where my CV was in manual mode, and if I transfer that value to the variable . (PID CV). Also as in the case of transfer and PV to SP, to avoid any abrupt.

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