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V130 -33-TR20 High speed output

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I plan on using a V130-33-TR20 to control position on a x-y table. My integrated drive/servomotor is a Clear Path by Tecknic and uses a mode called pulse burst position. In this mode the motor will move a given distance per-pulse. If the drive is set to move .001" per pulse, send it 1000 pulses and it will move 1". The pulse train needs to be a high speed out put to insure that the drive receives all the pulses sent before it completes it move. The drive counts all incoming pulses and sets a target distance for the move, when the distance is reached it closes a contact which the PLC can use to validate the move is complete. The issue I have is how do I tie the HS output to a counter that is controlled by a variable set by the operator. The x-y axis are independent and only require to go to a position, no interpolation (CNC), so path is not important.     

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There is a built in counter within the HSO (Step Control) hardware configuration that shows the current position and the target position. The target position can be linked on the HMI screen using a number variable with keypad entry.


These moves would not be absolute and would be relative to the current position. For absolute monitoring it is possible but will require some additional logic to be programmed with intermediate operands storing the current location. This will allow a "home" position to be saved and referenced when needed.

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