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PID regulace with temperature - example


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i have problem with my example for PID regulace with temperature,

(PID-With UISPT4 module-UniStream_070_PID_UISPT4.ulpr)

i know not, like i set parametrs for PID for PID_confing.


I want to set temperature 90°C +- 0,5°C.


Please, can you advise for set the 19 parametrs.


Because coils are either just patches and topi or off.

Control does not take place

i will know then like i will set parametrs for future :-)  


Thank you for answer.

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for set:

Set clue 900

Process Values 950

Proportional band 1

integral time 20

derivative time 5

sample time 10 000

input low limit 895

high input LMIT 905

ouput low limit -10

output high limit 10

reverse action 0

pid mode 0

control value 0

status -6

autotune done 0

control value proportional 0

control integral value 0

control value derivative 0

integral eror 0

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