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V230 / help with ERR Prog Loop

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Hello friends,


this is my very first post here. I`m bit new to this whole PLC stuff, so please excuse my lack of in depth knowlegde.


We bought to our company metal hydraulic cutting band saw, which uses Unitronics V230 PLC. Since the setup, we experience errors from this PLC - see attached photo. Can you please help me with resolving of these errors ?


Many thanks in advance,






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We are only the hardware manufacturer of the PLC. We do not program the units, and this was likely performed by the company that you purchased the saw from. I would recommend contacting them since they are the only ones with access to the program. They can use the error code to see where in the logic may have caused a programming loop.


Otherwise this can often be resolved by powering the unit down and up again. If the error continues to occur you would need to contact the company who manufactured the saw.

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