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Periodical turning ON and OFF of some outputs

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Hi all,


I have a project and need your help :)


We have a button which activates MB15. When this MB15 is ON, Output 1,2,3 and 4 should be ON and OFF according to the cycle attached. When MB15 goes OFF, every output should be OFF.


I tried several combination to solve this issue but couldn't make it.


I hope I could explain the situation..



Your helps are highly appreciated. :)


Thanks in advance.


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The last couple of nets were causing an issue with the sequence. By eliminating these nets, and causing the 2nd set out of outputs (O2 and O4) to be powered once the first set was done I found to be an easier solution. Once O3 finishes (negative transition of O3) then that will start the next TE timer for O5.


As a safety I added MB15 in front of each output net. This will prevent them from running when MB15 is off. Also the last next will reset all 4 timers when MB15 is off so they will not continue to run.


On Off Control


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Thank you very much Alexander.


I think there was a misunderstanding on the ON/OFF control sequence. Yes there is a "." before the numbers and I don't know why but they are not 0.1 seconds and 0.40 seconds. They are 1 and 40 seconds. So I just set the timers to 10 seconds, because when I was testing the program on the PLC, I didn't want to wait too long. Now I can set the correct time for those timers.

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