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Help with Conditional Pump Start / Stop Ladder Logic

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Hi everyone,


I'm a newby to ladder logic and searched for some examples of what I need but cannot seem to find the solution, maybe someone can point me in the right direction.


I have a V1040 and need to create some ladder logic for a pump to do the following:


1. Not start (in either manual or auto) when the solenoid valves are closed, but start as soon as at least one solenoid valve opens.

2. Stop as soon as there are no open solenoid valves in the system.


I have the details for manual and auto start working but need help with getting some "conditional" options built in.





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This should be possible using simple contacts and coils in our system. If you have not worked with our products before I would recommend watching a few of our basic webinars that will help you get started programming the PLC's. Starting out I would highly recommend the following webinars which should be helpful:


·         Lights and Buttons Programming – Basic


·         Timers, HMI Jumps & More Programming – Basic




These webinars should be helpful in getting started using the software by going through example programs and VisiLogic operation. Also helpful are a variety of example programs built into the VisiLogic software. They can be found within the Help/ Examples folder in VisiLogic.

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