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How do I correctly configure protocol scan fb?

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Hi everybody, I am having problems with reading the serial ASCII message from a RFID reader. I am using V570


An example message:




The Z is the intro symbol, and the rest is the 24 symbol message. The Z symbol can be changed into something else (RFID reader is programmable - C++).


So the the question is how do I configure the protocol scan FB to store the message to the DW ? I tried to seach the forum and tried various ways, but I get nothing.

The COM is configured correctly - I can see the full message in the Unitronics built in serial monitor.

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Hello arevita,

On Visilogic examples there are some example to build an application using the FB protocol function.

They are under the next folder

C:\Program Files (x86)\Unitronics\Unitronics VisiLogic_C\Examples\Version 900\Project examples\Communications\FB Protocol.

They are for the V130 but the logic is the same for the V570.

They are mostly for FB protocol serial.

Please take a look a them and if you need any help let us know.

Please not that you will need to configure the scan FB with a varible type stream, select the option "convert 2 revive bytes into one linked element" and number of characters set to 25.

If the message is always 25 characters long then you can configure the end of message according to message length.

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