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Sending string with modbus


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I'm working with two different machines, one machine contains a DTI with a name (string) as key value and a few numbers (int). The other works with data that it gets from the first machine.


To select a row from the DTI, I would like to view the name of each row of the DTI on the second machine. To do so I will need to send all the names in order to the second machine. How can I achieve this? I communicate through modbus, but strings doesn't seem possible to send, so any other suggestions?




in short: How do I send a DTI with one row of Strings (or an array with strings) to another machine?

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Unfortunately with Modbus, you are unable to send strings directly.  You must transfer them as 16-bit integers.


Under the "Buffer Tools" in the ladder programming, choose the "Copy Tag to Buffer" option and copy you string to a buffer.  Then choose the "Copy Buffer to Tag" in the same drop down menu of the tools to transfer the buffer we created into an array of 16-bit integers.  You can then use this array to send in the Modbus command.


Hope this helps.

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