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Wiring uid 0808T

Mit Selihc

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Good Morning,


I have recently expanded my system with a 0808T module.

I'am trying to use float switches to start or stop a pump.   http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/level-sensors-switches/3389744/


I'm unsure of how to correctly wire them for sink or source.


Currently, I have +24vdc and one wire on the sensor into CM0. The other wire of the sensor into I0.


I really appreciate the help you guys give.Again these seem like silly questions but Iam slowly expanding my knowledge of wiring.


Let me know your thoughts, or any other information you may need.


All the best.


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What wire do you have +24VDC on?  Which wire is connected to CM0?  Which wire is on I0?


The wires for the sensor have correlated pins numbers.  It is important to know what these pin numbers are referencing, and where you are supposed to connect them to.


For a sourcing input, our I/O module will be supplying +24VDC to the sensor, and the sensor would then be connecting to the 0V reference.  If you are connecting to a sinking input, our controller will be connecting the +24VDC from your sensor to the 0V reference. 


If you attach +24VDC to CM0, then we are a sourcing input.  If you attach 0V reference to the CM0, then we are a sinking input.


Hope this helps.

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