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Online and download ports


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I'm writing this in separate topic, just to be clear for all.

It is obviouse that we can change online and download ports in pop up menu of PC-PLC connections.

But I cant understand where in my project is the place for defining these different ports, like e.g. the screen for setting Web server - there we have field for port, and web server is working fine with port forwarding option in a router.

So, what is the solution for using different ports for download and online, in order to connect to PLC with port forwarding router.


Any advise?




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1. I mean, that if I change the default ports (3335 and 22)  in "PC-PLC communications" with my own (for instance 30003 and 30004), I can't connect to the PLC.

2. I can't find option to change ports of communication in the project.

3. I can't find port configuration in UniApps... only IP settings in Network/Ethernet.


So, what am I missing?

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I don't have problems with setting of router itself to forward specific port.


Let suppose that we don't have router, and we have ordinary ethernet connection to the PLC (laptop is directly connected to the PLC). If I use the default online and download port (3335 and 22) in "PC-PLC communications" - connection is OK. If I CHANGE the ports to different - there is no connection.


What must be done to have connection on non-default ports?

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