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Modbus IP and additional connection

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I have a display board with a Red Lion controller that networks 3 V430 PLC's via modbus IP.  Everything is connected via the Ethernet card add-on installed into port 2 on each PLC.  Is it possible to also remote connect to the PLC tough this same Ethernet card (even though it's in use as a modbus slave)?  If so how would I do this?  When I try to go live in Visilogic or Remote Operator it cannot establish a connection.




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If you still have an available socket free on the Ethernet card, you would only need to ensure that it is set up as a TCP slave with a unique port number. When you connect in VisiLogic or Remote Operator it will ask for the IP address, port (from the socket), and the PLC name (which can be modified using a function block).


As long as you do not try to connect to the same socket as the one running Modbus you should be able to connect.

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