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UniStream & A-B Logix5000 Controller Ethernet/IP


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We have a customer in CA that is attempting to integrate some A-B with our UniStream unit that is controlling our supplied pump station. 


They are using a 1796-L33ER unit which is part of the CompactLogix 5370 family. 


I think I have them straightened out in regards to setting up the Module Properties (Adapter Name, T2O, O2T, I/O Sizing)


My question comes in to play in regards to them configuring a MSG Instruction on their end. Their configuration has a name place for a Destination and Source Element depending on if they're Reading/Writing. Literature states this is the "First element of the tag that contains data in the other controller". 


Is this of any relevance to the UniStream unit or just have them leave it blank?


I attempted to attach the page of literature for the MSG instruction and screen capture of my UniStream Adapter Node Configuration but upload is failing.


Information in regards for the Inputs is I have a Structure set up for 3 INT16 and 8 Bits for a total of 7 Bytes. These were created in a Structure called EthernetIP Inputs. Possible the element is to be named EthernetIP Inputs or the first tag in this grouping of the structure?



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