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Problems with UIA-0800N Analog input card


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We are starting up our second project with UniStream and are facing for the 2nd time problems with analog Input Cards type UIA-0800N: from 8 Cards (used in the 2 Projects) 4 are giving strange results with too low measured values:


Although the cards are configured in between 0 (0 mA) to 2000 (20 mA), some of them are showing surprisingly low values like 350, when receiving a 4 mA Signal (using this loop calibrator https://www.instrumart.com/products/19584/ge-druck-ups-ii-loop-calibrator). The channels affected are also not showing the correct value for 20 mA (2000), but something significantly lower like 1650.


On 2 Cards this is only happening on 3 of the 8 channels, while two other cards are showing it on all channels.


Since this effect is occuring also with the loop calibrator directly on the channels, and since the other cards (or channels) are working correctly, I would like to exclude cabling issues.


Is there somewhere a problem with these cards in general (although: 50% trouble would be a very high ratio), does someone made a similar experience, or knows about a Workaround - like a different arrangement of the cards?


I have attached screenshots of the hardware setup of the two projects.


Thanks for suggestions or feedback!










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