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Bits array memory area


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I'm new on Unitronics plcs, usually I work most of the time with Siemens and Schneider plcs. So I created a new unlogic project using the Pre-defined operands" option, I get eventually several bits arrays areas like MB (memory bits array) and XB (X bits array) but I don't understand what's the difference between them, I can't find something about it in online help. I'd like an explanation about those areas, thanks.



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The option to create a project with the Pre-defined operands will automatically create sections of tags for you, similar to how they are set up in our VisiLogic software.


Otherwise a regular project has memory to use and build from as you go, but each tag can be added manually only using the required amount of memory.


The difference between the MB's and XB's are that MB's are retained memory while XB's are not and will be reset to 0 when the controller cycles power.

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