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ColorPLC (v350) Modbus Addressing from SCADA

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I'm developing SCADA graphics, and was just supplied with an address list from the PLC programmer. After looking over manuals/webinars/forum posts I'm looking to get some verification on whether I got the Modbus addressing correct or not.


This is my first experience having to interface with an Unitronics PLC... I'm used to AB or SCADAPacks mostly...





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Take a look at this website -> http://nets-nuts.com.br/pt/industria/vision-v350-indusoft-modbus/


That site has a table relating Indusoft I/O addresses to Vision V350 registers enabling you to easily connect each other.


I have done that table checking the Indusoft driver documentation and the the Visilogic Function Blocks V230-21-G23 Rev: 3:00 manual.


Last three links in the page have following sample projects for download (as is):

-> V350 Modbus slave using serial port

-> V350 ModbusIP slave using Ethernet interface

-> Indusoft project using MOTCP drivers (Modbus IP)



Hope it helps and please, let me know if that worked for you and if I need to improve something.

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