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MODBUS communication problems

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I have a problem using MODBUS communication with JAZZ JZ20-R31.


I have two slave devices connected.


I just read from the first one, and i just write to the second one.


I had the first one alone before i added the second one and communication worked just fine.


Problems came when i added the second device (the second one is a PLC from another company and it's used to send written data to the web).


Yesterday communication worked for a few cycles, but after that it completely stopped, even with first device - there were no LED lights blinking like it should.


Today i restarted my main JAZZ and talked to the guy behind the second device. He says that he sees the RS485 communication and that i am writing data to his device three times in one second.

My MODBUS is setup with timeout set to 3000msec and 1 retry. I checked my write function, but it is only called once a minute (roughly)  as i intended at the beginning.


otherwise i have MODBUS commands separated by steps of 4 seconds each, so one command can't interfere with another.


I tried to increase step times, changing timeout and retry on MODBUS setup, sending data in multiple steps, but nothing seems to help.


What could be the problem here, i ran out of ideas...?


Thank you,


Best regards,





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