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Web server & FTP communication refresh issue


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Hi all,
What could be the reason for this behavior:

- web server don't refresh all of variables and elements; the real values appears, when I connect  VNC client to the plc and go to the HMI screen, showing the corresponding variables (I think that going online with Unilogic 1.17.58, also helps).

- FTP file transfer between two plc's in some moment freeze; going online and viewing the FTP server struct somehow fix the transfer.

Could the reason be a large applications in  the two plc's (70-80%), that I'm using, and the many communications in projects (CANbus, TCP , FTP)?

I'm not sure, but in previous version of Unilogic I didn't noticed such problems.



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Please download UniLogic 1.17.73 and then upgrade your PLC with the version that come with this UniLogic version.

It should fix that problem (Fixed in UniStream firmware 1.17.10, and the firmware version in UniLogic 1.17.73 is 1.17.11).


Please also update me if it helps with the FTP problem as well.



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So, I installed the last version 1.17.73.
The problem with Web-server that I had described, is not present now.


Concerning FTP, meanwhile I changed my application in order to use some TCP transfer, instead FTP, and now I can't inform you if there is positive change.

Thank you for advises and support !


Best regards

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