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How to save trend data in csv format on SD card?


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I have a project with USP-104-B10 (UniStream 10 inch) ַַ&  Unilogic 1.15.70 and in the project I build a trend screen. Now I have to save the data into the SD card ,transfer the data to my computer and convert the data to csv and generate a graph. It's a very long process.

how can I shorten it?

can I save the data straight to csv?

is there  a software that can take the data format of the trend file and make a graph?


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The Data Sampler struct has a bit called "Create CSV". If set, then when the file is saved into SD Card, a CSV file is also being created.

In the email options. you have a file type CSV (attachment), zip

The CSV file is being zipped and emailed. You can contact out support for more details and help about this subject.



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If you know C#, then you can create a software that will do it for you.

Either way, if the csv is compressed, you will need some kind of a code to extract the file from the Zip. 

Btw, Unitronics has a tool called Trend to PDF that takes either UniStream or Vision Trend file (not the CSV), and create a PDF with the graph.:


(look under the Software Utilities,  "Unistream Data Converters Suite"). You are probably using these tools for converting the Data Sampler raw data to a CSV file.


As much as I remember, the Unitronics.Utr2Pdf.DLL can be used (You will need the 3rd part dlls, at least some of them, in order to generate the graph) for converting the Trend to PDF by code (by referencing the dll)

For example:

Unitronics.Utr2Pdf.Services.Convert(inputFile, outputFile,  new Tuple<int, int>(yAxisDivision, yAxisSubDivision),  openPdf);


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