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I am working on a project were I am using a vision V570 and a module EX-D16A3-TO16, the problem is that when I turn on the equipment all the inputs are active, but I do not have connecting even a single input. 

I am new with Unitronics OPLCs , so far I just worked with V350, and it is the first time I am using a EX module, which could be the reason for this to happen?


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The N, P, and common terminals have to be wired for sourcing or sinking per technical papers included with the module. I worked with a V1210 and a 6 module IO behind an EX a month ago. Memory a little fuzzy but I think I seen the same "all inputs true" conditions with N and P terminals floating. Hope that helps! I was using separate 16 IN and 16 out modules, looks like you might have a combo I/O module. Guessing input section would still have P, N, and COM terminals.

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2 hours ago, Lepton said:

Thank you hotwires !

You were right, missing N/P connection I saw the diagram but I didn't pay much attention to N/P.

Thank you so much, now is working perfectly


Glad you were able to get it going quickly and simply. I too was accustomed to Vision's internal jumper source/sink config and AB SLC500 I/O and had to read deeper into things to see what they were doing on extender input modules. 

You will grow to love Unitronics PLC's, their performance to price ratio is amazing. There's a learning curve, but such is life. Happy developing Lepton!

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