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Hebrew display on VisiLogic

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I'm new with Unitronics,  now editing an existing project that contains Hebrew symbol names and HMI texts.

The texts displays as needed on the HMI after download, but while editing the text list appers on gibberish.

The hebrew symbol names is showing as question marks.


I'm using windows 10, windows region settings is set to Israel with hebrew and english as languages.

Vision OPLC IDE version 9.8.31

I know it's possiable to fix it, maybe you know how?




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On 9.3.2017 at 4:25 PM, viscoelastic said:

Try installing / adding Hebrew  language to your windows 10 machine.  I am guessing it does not know what to display.  

Hebrew is installed and I can use it on windows, just not on visilogic.

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On Region & Language settings, click on "Additional date, time & regional settings"

On Region, click on "Change location" , Then on the window that was opened, click on the "Administrative" tab.

Then click on the "Change system locale".


You should set the Language for non-Unicode programs to Hebrew

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Hi all,

With a new computer that include Hebrew Win 10 (pro) and the latest Visilogic  version I can't use Hebrew in the operands description and HMI- it shows Latin letters with dots, though I can see Hebrew on the routine name. 

I changed all windows languages settings as described above and still can't solve this issue, same thing happens with earlier Visilogic versions too.

Any ideas?  

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