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Modifying Keypad on Vision700

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Hi all,

I need a custom keypad that would better suit the design on my vision 700. Is there some way of modifying the existing keyboard? I can get away with simply replacing the background image of the keypad which i couldn't find a way to do, since that option is blocked on the System Images window. 

If this is not possible, is there some way i can access the variable (buffer) the system uses to store pending variables so i can maybe create my own keypad and redirect to it whenever  a keypad appears?


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Hi Tal I have exactly the same requirement.  A simple keypad overlay that can be called with a flag to indicate Text input or Numeric input and a vector to where the input will be stored.

I've just started using the PLC range and Visilogic so was hoping someone would point to something and say "there it is!" 


Otherwise I guess we write something - keep me posted  if you do and I will likewise.

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