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  1. Thanks @Ausman- again well spotted re the devices and time! On the RTC, the system is permanently offline due to customer security requirements so they need to maintain the time manually. On the devices, yes there have probably been 3 devices over the years I've developed then supported the application. I'll need to re-run the signature on the dev device (which I'm currently not on) and will show the results for last few entries. @kratmel, I'll go back to client tomorrow (Wednesday NZ) to look at SI205 . Cheers Mal
  2. Hi @kratmelconsider me berated and I follow with answers to your recommended checks 1) the extension cable is connected to the Ethernet port instead of the Expansion port; [Mal]: No change to hardware from time it was working - but I did check and it wasnt 2) The cable is installed the other way - the PLC side is changed with the extension side; [Mal]: No change to hardware from time it was working - but I did check and it wasnt 3) The cable is not original at all - a simple standard Ethernet cable is used; [Mal]: No change to hardware from time it was working - but I did check and it is correct cable 4) The expansion module does not receive power (EX-A2X powered) test +24V on both up and down side and reconect green connector; [Mal]: All modules powered as evidenced by power / status lights 5) Corrosion of the motherboard or connector in the PLC - PLC must bereplaced; [Mal]: beyond my capacity to check and will fall under category of Kaput PLC if next tests point that way 6)EX-A2X damaged (must be replaced for test);[Mal]: beyond my capacity to check and will fall under category of Kaput Module if next tests point that way 7) One of IO-TO16 damaged - try to connect only one of two present to system; [Mal]: Next test Some good news: I dug out some old gear (V700 and EX-2AX] and had the following results: 1. Swap out EX-2AX - run the existing code - no change 2. change code to new do-nothing programme - immediately EAX was discovered and sync'd - was able to change port values and trigger relays 3. Reloaded my programme and ran - lost sync with expansion - cannot activate relays (ie back to original fault state) 4. Swap out V1210 for V700 and reconfigure - run my original code - app worked (as best it could given screwy screen layouts). I could trigger ports 5. Revert back to V1210 and original code - doesn't work 'So common denominator appears to be the V1210 Just a final check - is there any way that code can disable comms to expansion module? Thanks everyone for your continued support Cheers Mal
  3. HI all - well i've got nowhere with this despite all of your great advice. The more I stare at the Expansion modules (or is it the steady blinking lights are looking at me with amusement?)the more i think it's kinda hardware realted. To restate, as much for my benefit.., 1. the EX module power is on but the comm light is off. 2. the two TO16s have flashing RUN For come reason this tells me there is not comms between PLC and EAX hence the IOs are waiting so flashing 3. The PLC does does the modules in info mode 4. the Visilogic app shows the PLC and two modules under hardware config. Something new I noticed: when I do a reset of the PLC, the EAX comms light flashes on for half a second and in symphony (or sympathy) the IO modules' Run light stay on for a bit. Is there something obvious I am missing in terms of some setting to enable comms to the EAX? as always, you input gratefully received.. cheers MAl
  4. Many thanks for the ideas @kratmel. I have confirmed that there has been no physical change to any config like cables, power, modules etc from the time it was working to the battery change and subsequent issue of the expansion and output modules not working. The flashing RUN light makes me think that somehow the relationship between the V1210 and modules has been lost. Maybe a stupid question, but do the modules have firmware that needs to be updated? I think I am going down the path of downgrading Visilogic and OS to my last known working config of Jan 2019 - @Gabriel FrancoI think that is what you mean by firmware rollover? I did look at the signature log but this was a little confusing other than noticing the version numbers as yo suggested. Also thanks to @Flex727for clarification on expansion adaptor. Signature log:
  5. Hi Team I am stuck with a V1210-EXA2X-TO16-TO16 configuration which has worked for 4+ years and now stopped working after an update. #ausman, I saw too late your sound pinned advice (linked below) however, I am here now with a non-function system on a client site and desparately seeking advice to fix: Short Story - after an update, the two TO16 output modules do not seem to be sync'd anymore via the EXA2X to the V1210. Their status lights show GREEN FLASHING, I am expecting these to be GREEN STEADY. I have tried removing all modules and then re-adding them in HW Config : Something that's a litttle confusing is that I dont have the option to add the EX2AX expansion adaptor, but 4+years on from original config, I dont recall if it was there in the working version. I have powered off and on.. reloaded software.. all to no avail, the output ports stubbornly ignore everything. Is there some setting, option, config, that will force the system to recognise these modules? It's been some weeks now and I have been unable to get any advice direct from support and we've lost our local support due to ill health. Slightly longer story: update was as a result of a client changing battery leading to (possibly) corrupt / missing app, I tried to reload but Visiilogic appeared to be forcing an update, which I did, this led to a requirement to update OS (which was now incompatible with app) and then reloading the app. Going crazy here! 🙂 Many thanks Mal
  6. Yes good news indeed! Thanks for your advice and guidance Kartmel and for your support and ideas throughout the resolution process. Kind regards Mal
  7. HI all As I had already ordered a replacement unit I thought I'd wait for that to arrive before following up with support team. It seems that in one hit I've resolved both the date/time reset issue and the other thread on peripeheral devices not registering. I simply unboxed the new V1210, (did a quick date/time on power cycle test) then loaded my software and it ran first time. Power cycle doesnt touch the clock! All sorted - thatnks for all of your input folks regards Mal
  8. Hi Ausman yes I I do recall getting a message about updating but I have to say I thought it was relating to the OS rather than the visilogic program. I ordered a new V1210 which will hopefully arrive today. Hopefully the clock issue will not exist and it will also have the previous OS installed and everything will work. If not I will use Swapper. Do I need to be online for Swapper to work? (the plC is installed in an isolated location) cheers Mal
  9. Will do guys thanks for guidance. As an update, I have purchased another unit to see if it does the same thing - my supplier tells me the others in stock do not so If I load my code and it starts doing it then we know its my code. See my latest fun and games in my post about PLC not being able to communicate with EAX and TO16x cheers Mal
  10. HI All - I seem to have all the quirky ones (see my clock issue So this issue: I have a V1210 + Expansion Module + 2xTO16 - all was working fine for client; I recently recovered the set up to develop and implement new features. On returning the setup today I (for the first time) connected everything up only to find that the expansion module is not communciating with the PLC. : 1. On startup there are some brief flashes on teh comms LED 2. the TO16 just keep flashing. I loaded my empty test programme which is set up for same hardware config. No change until I did an Iniatlise/Reset (Thanks Ausman) and behold evryting was talking again. I reloaded my client's software and nope, it will not see the perpheral devices. Tried Initailise reset - still no joy. I have checked and rechecked the hardware config and it is correct. Is it possible to somehow disable hardware in code? The only thing I can think of is that I did update tle PLC OS on Joe's advice (relating to the clock issue); If I update the OS do I need to do something else to ensure compatibility? Man this PLC is jinxed ! (see my clock issue) Many thanks in advance of any ideas on this. Cheers mal
  11. Thanks Simon - I assumed that would be the case; was trying to strike up a dialogue with Unitronics to see if they had any thoughts on this other than perhaps a manufacturing problem.
  12. Hey Aus - sorry, yep I did check but juggling all the great ideas being provided I missed the specifc response to you. Agreed - I've escalated to my supplier in Auckland who has promised top followup with Unitronics - Does anyone know - is there a direct line to Unitronics where I can provide a Serial Number and they can tell me if ther was an issue with the batch? For me its been 2 out of 2 failures. Cheers Mal
  13. Hi Kratmel - I tried setting the dates to pre-2006. 2005 - ok 2000 - ok 1999 - resulted in 2099 I set to 2000, cycled power and it reverted to 2006. All pretty consistent. I woldnt be surprised if we find there is a design flaw around the RTC for this batch and there is a floating input somewhere that is casuing the clock to be reset on power cycle. I'll wait for Unitronics to come back. On your suggestions of getting external time, the PLC is totally isolated so no network access and no GSM access.
  14. Ah Gabriel - So Initialise/Reset Clear MI values - keeps SI values Reset - has no impact on MI values - Keeps SI values Power Cycle RETAINS MI values but LOSES SI Value (well the clock settings) So what does that tell me? - something is resetting the clock only at power up but leaving MIs alone. This has happened with two separate V1210 units but likely out of the same batch given their consecutive serial numbers It cant be my code as it does this with a totally blank programme. I feel we are getting closer!
  15. HI Ausman, Kratmel and DanT - a wee update... I've spoken to my supplier and he's taking the serial number back to Unitronics to see if there is a known issue with that batch. That got me checking and I see that the first unit I had which exhibited the same problem and was replaced turns out to be the one immediately off the production line (or at least their serial numbers are consecutive). Am am now leaning to it being a hardware problem (in line your thoughts Simom) - UNLESS someone can point me at a flag that says "clear the clock at power up but not at reset or initialise" Now that would be magical if there were one and mine was set the wrong way. DanT thanks for all the trouble you went to tracing the board. I was tempted as I have all the right tools but I'm one of those folks that knows enough to be dangerous so probably best I dont go fiddling inside the box! As soon as I hear back from supplier I'll post an update Cheers All! regards Mal
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