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Web interface with V130

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I'm planning on using V130 in a project. The idea is to use 11 different V130 logics. I want to utilize the web server so that I can make information of all the PLCs available either over VPN or directly through internet using web browser. I only want to show simple information (values of few MIs and MBs) over web.

The problem is that these PLCs are located 20-40 km apart. First I though it would be simple to connect all the PLCs to an Ethernet router with a cable and use VPN, but because the distance it is not very convenient.

So what do you think, what would be the most convenient way to do this? GSM -modem? Separate Internet Access for each PLC could be accomplished too. All the suggestions are welcome. At the end only what matters is that the maintenance crew can see the information of all the PLCs using laptop with web browser and Internet or VPN connection.

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There are GSM modem/routers. In one side they connect to virtualo LAN of cellular provider. In other side - via Ethernet port to the controler. Such instruments usualy find the best layer for data transfer - GPRS, EDGE or 3D. The communication is very fast and stable.

We tested here Sierra Wireless (SW) Raven EX and got amazing results. The only problem is the price. SW promises to issue soon Wavecom modem with similar functionality (same from our point of view) but without some extra functions (which we don't need) and ... on half price.

Another option - ot connect controllers in the filed to ordinary GSM/GPRS modems (Enfora/GSM kit 41J), to take another one unit (or one of existing units) as "master" to poll the units in the field and tkes the data. Then, the "master" connected ot Internet, will hold web server.

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Thank you for your answer.

Establishing GSM/GPRS link between the PLCs is a good idea, quite low cost option and we have some experience on this type of solutions. I would still consider putting a VPN router between the "master" and Internet. This way I don't have to get a fixed IP for the PLC.

The SW Raven sounds interesting especially if the price can be halved. With the GSM networks we are getting outside of my "comfort zone" (if there is any). So could you explain a bit more about how to utilize the SW Raven in practice. I understand that in theory if we connect all the PLCs to a VLAN we can transfer data between them (of course the PC with a browser needs to be connected too). But for example, if I understood correctly all the PLCs are in this case hosting their own web page, how in practice can I access them with my web browser?

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