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EX-RC1: Delayed Outputs


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I have a project that includes a Unistream controller and 9 EX-RC1's. I have followed the recommended procedure to set-up each EX-RC1, and  Unilogic. The Canbus baud rate is set to 500Kbits/s

I currently have the controller and one remote station at my desk for testing. I can toggle the remote inputs on/off and see the immediate status change while online monitoring.

When I switch an output on, I see the PLC status immediately change, but the actual output is delayed by anywhere from 1 to 30 seconds. The same applies to switching the output off....immediate status change in the PLC, but huge delay to actually switch off the output.

I have monitored the in the EX-RC1 "UniCan M. Arrived" and it seems to be receiving this signal approx. every 40-50ms

Could the delay be because I don't have the other EX-RC1's connected?

Is there a quick and easy way to temporarily disable the other EX-RC1's in Unilogic? I don't want to delete them all and have go through re-configuration again.

I have attached the exported file from Unilogic and also the file that is in the EX-RC1

any help is much appreciated


JB900-HW Export.ulri


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Problem solved.....

First created a back-up of my Unistream configuration.

Then I removed all configured remote I/O modules (EX-RC1's), except the one physically connected to the Unistream.

Downloaded new configuration and the outputs reacted immediately.

I hope that problem was because of undetected EX-RC1's and not just because of the number of EX-RC1's .

I guess I'll find out once I get the entire system connected.

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