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How can I do the same work vith Visilogic?

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Hello everybody,

I have a project:

A sensor detects the broken bottles and after 3 bottles later a piston rejects the broken bottles.

I have done it with siemens plc you can see as attachment, but I couldn't do it on Visilogic.

How can I do it with visilogic?

I don't know which operands will I use.

I0.0 is broken bottle sensor and I0.1 is bottle counter sensor.

Q4.0 is reject piston.



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Since Siemens addressing is a bit different -- pun intended -- than VisiLogic addressing, you need to do things a bit differently to emulate the bit-level access.  Here is a first-try draft that should be pretty close to a literal translation of your S7 code.  This may need tweaking but should give you a start:



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