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It's not right to define thhe things such a way. In ordinary PID operation, there must be no need at all for Reset Integral error. Most of local PID controllers have no such functions - and the customers even don't know about that.

Usually PID doesn't need to come to status -4. In any specific system there is a need for investigating the reason and improve the parameters to pevent status -4. Just Reset integral error is not the right soluiton.

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Hi Emil,

you are right, in fact you must know that in the last year i've performed some tens pid with unitronics plc and i have not ever used reset

integral error.

With the current job, second my opinion, there is the possibility to fall in this problem. So i think that may need to use, so i'm

informing on how to use this feature. That's all.

With best regards


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I stil think that there is no "constant rules", for sure not the "rules" you define there. It looks a little like "maybe I'll go ill someday - which medicine I need to take then?!". I prefer ot stay healthy and - in case of problem, to investigate the reasons and find specific soluitons.

In short - I don't agree with the rules you define to reset Integral error. In case you have problems withh PID - let me know what the problem is and I'll addvice.

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