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V130 Timer count up issue

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I need to create pump run timers. I previously have used the M90 series using the 1 sec pulse and the add function to accumulate seconds/minutes hours. I recently purchased a V130 to create a pump controller and find that the function does not work the same. I created a simple net with a SB3, 1 second pulse feeding an ADD block where A & C are the M0 variable and B=1. This simple function should add a 1 to A and accumulate it in C each time the 1 second pulse enables the function block. Instead, each time the 1 second pulse holds the EN high on the ADD block , A & C accumulate in hundreds of milliseconds. I also noticed that this same behavior exists when using the 1 second pulse in front of the new INCREMENT function.

Why does this act different than that of an M90 and is there a slicker way of creating run timers?

VisiLogic 9.0.1

OLPC V130-33-R2, REV A, OS:3.3(03)

timer test.vlp

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It is the same - in M91 and in Vision. Can you add U90Ladder application, where it's different?

In the aplication - SB3 is 1 sec pulse generator with 50% duty cycle. As you did the program, half a second it will add each scan 1 to the buffer. If you want to count seconds, you need to use -|P|- contact of SB3, which in Vision is SB13.

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Thanks for this, it works well. I don't find that SB13 is documented in the Vision documentation or in the help file. Is there a more up to date manual that what is packed with the Vision software I missed?

I have also attached an example of an hours counter that others may find useful. I find that the "Increment" function is very useful rather than using the "ADD" function.



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I don't find that SB13 is documented in the Vision documentation or in the help file. Is there a more up to date manual that what is packed with the Vision software I missed?

The following is straight out of the help:

System Bits

General, SBs 0-15



Turns ON when:

Turns OFF when:

Reset by:

SB 0

Always 0



SB 1

Always 1



SB 2

Power-up bit

Power-up occurs, for 1 scan

SB 3

1 second pulse

SB 4

Divide by zero

SB 5

Outputs short circuit

SB 6

Keyboard is active

SB 7

100 mS pulse

SB 8

Battery low


RAM failure :Bit value is not 0 or 1

Battery needs to be replaced, or RAM has failed

Battery and RAM are functioning

Reset by user:

via info, or Communication

SB 10

Float Error

By OS when the result of a float operation is an illegal float value.

Error code is in SI440.

By user, or at power-up.

SB 11

User Stack Overflow

SB 13

ON at Rising Edge of SB3 (1sec pulse)

Turns ON when SB3, 1 second pulse, rises


SB 14

Calculate current controller temperature (not supported by V120/130/350)

By user.

When SB 14 turns ON, the value in SI 14, Current Controller Temperature updates.



SB 15

ON at Rising Edge of SB7 (100 mS pulse)

Turns ON when SB7, 100mS second pulse, rises


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There are a number of System Operands in the vision series that are very helpful in programming. Here are two ways to view.

In Visilogic ladder, bottom half of display, bottom tabs, select Operands. In the left hand window there are SB's, SI's, and SL's. Selecting one of these populates the right hand window with the basic descriptions as well as the present values if you are on line with the plc.

In Visilogic ladder, select help, search, System Operands, and you will find much more detailed descriptions of the functions of these operands. It is best to use these as read only for the most part although there are a few that can be manipulated in a positive way.



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Thanks for the replies.

Thanks UniGuru,

I went back to the help file and found where you found it. Just to post for others, this is not transparent to find since the information is embedded in a link, inside the help file making it not searchable.

The system bits info can be found under;

SB-System Bit

System Operands

"System Bits" heading, click on "General, SBs 0-15" (note this link is not highlighted)

It would be nice for us "Newbie's" if Unitronics would consider releasing documentation with a date on it newer than 2004 to make it easier to put it all together.


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