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RTC not Running?


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I've been getting a CPU error on my panel the last couple weeks that forces me to reboot the PLC.  Seems to happen every day and a half or so.

I noticed this morning that the date/time reported on the error popup was 12/30/00 and 9:50am, both of which are incorrect.

I tried setting the RTC via UniApps - this allowed me to pick the date but upon selecting ok, nothing changed on the displayed date.  Same thing with the time.

I tried setting the RTC via UniLogic/UniStream Management/Set RTC and although it said the task completed, the date and time remained unchanged.

I was able to change the values in the tags in UniLogic when in online mode, however, the it appears the clock isn't running - no change in seconds or minutes.


See attached for screen capture of the error and of the software rev info.


Any help is greatly appreciated!





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