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Hi! My name is Arnor and I am from Iceland :)

I am trying to establish connection between two Vision PLC's.  I have the master: V700 and V350 as slave. 

I can use SCADA pc software to connect to the slave and read the data. But I am not able to read data from slave to V700

I added both programs to google drive folder (sorry, the programs was to large, and its a bit mesh): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yL1h1ZvJomBeoY7v22UvHVeY09T4ooAC

 I am using also Serial modbus on both sides that works well. 


The PLC are set up like this:




Any idea what I am doing wrong?



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I had a quick look, maybe I could give a few suggestions.

- Use Scan_Ex block and separate all those functions into separate blocks (one net for config, one for scan etc.)

- You are calling connect block after every Modbus operation, maybe try calling it via transition contact only when Socket that you use is not connected.

Tell us back how it goes.

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