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Address multiple IP addresses via Web server


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This is the first time I'm using web server applications by Unitronics...

I have a product where I use a web server in communication with several embedded boards (yes, I need several boards instead of one, since each one performs independent functions and this number varies according to the demand of each client). But because of cost issues when the client makes a very large demand, I will need many boards to be managed by the web server, I thought about using the PLC, but I need to register several different IP addresses, since from each address I will send a package of data / commands.

Is it possible to address multiple IP addresses  and each receiving independent commands through the web server in a single PLC? What are my limitations?

Thanks in advance! :D

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Thank you for your reply, Saragani-san!

They are simple valve opening and closing commands, flow meter pulse monitoring. Besides reading the RFID card (13.56 MHz), which has the TAG recognition, it is sent to the web server and it will return with the valve and meter commands.

I say independent because they are more stations controlled by a PLC. Each station has a set of a reader, solenoid valve, meter and IP address. Where each client can access at any time and simultaneously.



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