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Need help For unilogic / Consultat English

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Dear Network,

I started a very small business and build a small filling machine myself  - to fill some comestic products  - and bought a V1210 and installed visilogic on my pc.

I am almost finish with  my installation / machine - and I will shortly mark all my eletric wires in the HW configuration.


Firstly my plan was to start programming myself, but time is less to be familiar with visiologic, so I came to a conclusion - and call for help insted of learning this out. 

I need a Consultat contact for programming my PLC via Teamviewer together with me on Whatsapp / Weechat/ Skype  - and ofcourse I will pay for hours / work  for this job. 


Step one is to make the machine run simple.

Step two is to plan - optimize this circles and  program optimize.


Eventhougt my cash is low - I hope someone can manage this... I now a lot of peolpe can ...


Help desk from visiologic told me that I should try this out - it´s an easy job/thing and could be done from an other computer - I am not a specialist - but not dump ether ;-)...


The machine is a conveyer - round table - filling pump - signal crimp head - linear electric pick and place -  signal labelmachine with a 3 roller ...... there is about 10 optic sensors and 4 pneumatic pistons.

Chinesse, India, are also welcome as long as English is spoken well and you are good working with visilogic / programming PLC  ...;-)

Hope someone find this little project fun...


Please contact me on ff@vouvis.com


Best Fredrik Fabian


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