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Trends with autoscaling

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I try make some progres with following problem. I need to display 2 curves on one trend window (Visilogic, Vision 1210) and I want to rescale y axis once for a while to fit data inside

For example: I have two curves, both can change form 0 to 1200, operator need to see both curves but on y axis he need to see only 200 points (from 0 to 200, then from 100 to 300 etc.)

I created some logic to find present max and min value from both data and use it as an input integer (M|) for trend ymin and ymax.

The problem is: after trends refresh and resize y axis, first curve displays correct but second act like crazy. Goes up or down. It behave like it works on history axis.

Im asking for help, maybe someone resolve this problem before.

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