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Read from SD Card


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I have an application in which I'm trying to utilize the "SD Card Explorer Lite" in Visual Studio.  I'm getting an error when debugging the application.  See attached document.  The application is as downloaded from Unitronics.  Seems the error is linked to the "Unitronics.ComConfig.Lite.dll".

Visual Studio 2017

Windows 7                   [64-bit]


SD Card Explorer Lite error.docx

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And it works perfectly fine here on Visual Studio 2017 (I ran it in Any CPU Mode, although it is supposed to run in x86, since the .Net communication driver is usually compiled as such).

Can you zip your entire solution project and upload it to this forum?

I want to see that it fails here if I run the exe, I want to look at the App Config file (Visual Studio must have created one), and I want to also debug it (if needed) with an external debugger (without recompiling the code with VS2017)

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