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JZ- EX 8Di -8Do

Dear UNITRONICS users.


This is my another device, which i developed, and  it's  used several times in my  projects. This expansion module looks like EX90-DI8-RO8 expansion module from Unitronics.

Our module also have 8  digital inputs which can be sink or source configurated, and 8 digital (transistor) outputs which can be also sink, source or even for AC voltage configurated  with  max. 0,5A current per output.


This module can be connected to any  OPLC from Unitronic series. The module communicating with PLC via RS485 port. In this case JAZZ series needs a RS232/RS485 Add-on port (JZ-RS24 )  Also PLC must have a short communicating software which is in attachment. It's wery short, occupies only 7 nets.

The second choice of this module is standalone mini PLC, because is based on Atmel AMEGA168 AVR with a 16k of programming space. It can be updated up to 128k programming space on request. If you have a skills of AVR programming, there is no problem to write your own software (AVR studio, Arduino, Bascom ) and upload him thru ISP port. The modules can be networked via RS485. Also is possible connect some device like HDD44780 based LCD diplay to ISP port!  The  power supply for module is  10V to 30VDC or AC, and power consumption is obout 3W.



Board size (WxHxD):  90x77x60 mm - DIN32 module base

Digital inputs:  8 inputs in 1 group , pnp or npn (10- 30VDC,AC on request)

Digital outputs: 8 digital outputs in 1 group , pnp or npn , max. 0,5A per output – fused (10 -30VDC/ AC)

Response time (inputs/outputs):  approximately 30ms

Communication: RS485, 9600,8,1,N

Power supply: 10 – 30VDC/AC , 3W


For further information or orders, please write to : biogorilniki@gmail.com


The kit contains:

Expansion module with  preloaded software,  module base and connectors

User manual

Software for communication and test  for JAZZ :  Komunikacija JAZZ Rev. 2..1_2018.U90


Wiring procedure:   JAZZ expansion wiring - source.xps


Side wiew


Side wiew


Top wiew


Expansion board and JAZZ uploaded with test program



Edited by Robert Mramor s.p.
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