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Undocking and resizing the operands window

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Hi all,

A while ago on the old forum I posted this:

If you are working with two monitors, one of the best productivity aids with Visilogic is to undock the operands window, drag it to the second screen and size it to fill the screen. You can then see your operands in much bigger chunks.

This worked well in Visilogic 6, but since version 7 the undocked window remains frozen in size. Please, developers, can we reinstate the ability to resize this window... it can't be too much of a difficulty :-).

To which Emil replied:

I hope comming soon V8.6.1 will fix this problem...

er... I have just downloaded v8.6.1 - it would appear that this bug remains unfixed...

Best regards,

Steve Krenek

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Hi Steve,

I checked this issue with our R&D. It seems it's more complicated than it looks at first cut. The problem is related to one of the third party control we're using in VisiLogic. We are contacting the producer of this control to find solution, but currently we cannot estimate it - it's not fully in our hands.

Sorry for such not so helpful answer (I'll be glad to have better!) and thank you for your understanding!

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