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I'm using VisiLogic 9.8.65.

I'd like to include revision change notes inside ladder logic comments and then be able to search for these changes.  However, I can't find a way to actually search the comments in the project.  The find options include elements, operands, function blocks, etc., but I don't see a way to find items in the comments.

Is there a way to find text in the comments?

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This probably isn't as elegant of a solution as you are looking for, but you can turn your ladder code into a PDF and search for text in the comments that way. Just go to print and save as a pdf, then hit cntrl - F and type what you want to find in the search.

You could also just make a bit that does nothing and give it a name you can search for later. 

Like I said, not elegant but I can't think of another way in Visilogic.

Best of luck to you.

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