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JZ20-R31 with MJ20-ET1 issue of SB24 staying active.

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I have my JZ20-R31 setup for Modbus over Ethernet. This mostly works well butI  recently experienced an issue of not being able to connect to the PLC. I am aware that the Jazz PLC only allows 1 connection at a time. I confirmed that nothing was connected to the Jazz yet SB24 was on. I have used SB24 before to verify connection and disconnection. Does anybody know a possible cause of SB24 being active when nothing is connected via ethernet?

The main problem is not being able to connect to the Jazz. The only indicator of Ethernet connection that I know of is SB24 and it was active when it shouldn't have been.

The only way I could find to correct the issue was to shut down the system and start it up again. Is there another way to reset SB24?



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