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Rentive Timer TA Accessing from PC SCADA

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I have a Vison 130 PLC in which we are using Timers as TD ( delay Timer) from PC with our customized SCADA with VB6 , what we require is timer as TA ( accumulated timer) to be accessed from SCADA with drivers provided by you like unitronics PCOM protocol /com object activ x .dll but we are not able to access timers as TA.

The application requires during power failure the timer should restart from where it left till the preset value and not from initial value like TD timers,

Pls suggest ,


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The type of the timer is defined in the program - as TD, TA ot TE. In all these cases the address remains the same and the way you exchange data from SCADA - too. You cannot change the type of the timer from SCADA, but once defined in controller's program, it will operate as defined.

If you will set in VisiLogic T7 as TA, it will act as TA. But you will read it exactly the same way in your SCADA as TD or TE.

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