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Automatic application data flow report

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I'm not sure I understand your need...

You're right.

My question was too general. I try to explain better.

If I've developed an application and my customer is asking me the sortware documentation I've to create a document that describe the data flow diagram from Input to Output passing from decisional points.

Normally it is a boring work.

If it could be possible to have in automatic mode the data flow diagram (maybe checking routines that has to be included in the report an routines that hasn't), it should be easier to generate software documentation.

I know that isn't an easy job... but asking is "free of charge".... :)

I know that using the print options it's possible to create a report, about the application, but isn't easy to "read" and it "discovers" too much the implemented application.

I hope now I've been more clear.

Attached some data flow examples.

Best regards


post-170-082689200 1302869560_thumb.gif

post-170-056524300 1302869572_thumb.jpg

post-170-071751500 1302869583_thumb.gif

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