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Password Block Info

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Hello, everyone,

Fist of all I would like to greet everyone!!! This is my first post!!!

Then, I would like to know how can I see in a OPLC M90-R1 if the program is password locked?

I've read in the manual and it says, if a wrong password is submitted 3 times the OPLC gets the Upload of the program blocked . Is it possible to know if this happenned? Any information on the display, or just becomes not possible to upload it?

The reason of my question is that we have a program backup here which doesn't have password, but my colleague may add it in the client, this colleague doesn't wok with us anymore, and we needed to do an update, and we couldn't upload it.

So, I want to know if the OPLC became blocked, to show to the client, once none of us tried any password, maybe some smart-ass on the client tried to do that, and blocked the upload....

Hope you can help!!!


Hélder Silva

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