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Ethernet IP General Explicit Message

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Hello I am trying to send an explicit message to a Unistream PLC as seen above. This picture is made from a third party EIP scanner and works as is.

The message unlocks a device I am controlling.  Note that the Command is NOT 0x10 but a special command 0x45 I also have to set request data 0xCD.

So the Adapter's documentation of the message is:

Service Code: 0x45
Class: 0x67
Instance: 0x89
Attribute: 0xAB
Data: 0xCD

The ladder component I use is 'EIP General Explicit Message' as seen below:



I send the required 0xCD data via the debugger.

As you see I get an error -4 which is documented as 'ENIP_WRONG_OFFSET' . I tried several buffer sizes and offsets but none of them gives a correct result.

Could someone please help me on how to tackle this problem? Thanks! Ad

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