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Solution Save failed while creating a backup of solution


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Lorsque que je créer mon projet et que je lui associe un chemin d'accès il m'affiche un message d'erreur (voir photo).

De plus, un fichier se créer à chaque fois dans mes documents sous le nom Unitronics contenant les fichiers "Projects Backup" et "Unilogic".

Enfin, j'ai lu sur un autre post le même problème que le mien cependant l'erreur persiste toujours. (Photo2)

En vous remerciant d'avance pour votre aide.





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You have an Unauthorized Access Exception. UniLogic fails to write to: C:\Users\Robin\Documents\Unitronics\Projects Backup\

I see few options to try:

1) Run UniLogic as Administrator. (Tell me if it helped).

2) Change the security options of the while Unitronics directory in the Documents folder, so your standard user will be able to access it. You might also need to change the owner of that folder. If you don't know how to do it, then you should advise an IT person, or he could do it for you.


The third option would be deleting the entire Unitronics directory in the Documents folder, so next time you run UniLogic as Standard user, then it will be created with security options of a standard user and your user will be the owner of that folder. If you chose that option, then please make sure you don't have anything important in that folder before you delete it.

(Make sure to copy the important files to somewhere else).

If the third option does not work, then you need to advise an IT person.

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